This is 6 Week Program Helping Women to Strengthen their Core, Heal Abdominal Separation, Back Pain and Reduce Belly Inflammation...SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY.
If you're experiencing any of the following this is for you:
  •  Back Pain
  •  Bloating and Inflammation
  •  Incontinence (leaking urine)
  •  Balance or Posture Issues
  •  Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)
  •  Bulging Belly
  •  Pelvic Pain
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The Core Restore Guide 
Outlines Everything You Need to Succeed...
Specific Training Program: You'll receive a specific progressive exercise plan for each of the 6 weeks. The workouts are approximately 20 minutes so you can fit them into any busy schedule.
A list of exercises you must avoid: Some common exercises may worsen your symptoms and most women don't realize this! You'll discontinue the provided list of exercises to avoid and follow the training program to get the absolute best results!
Exercise Instructions: You'll receive verbal, visual and written instructions for each exercise so that you perform them correctly and with the right form.
Nutrition Tips: Nutrition is incredibly important when it comes to your progress. I give you a list of foods to eat, nutrition advice on portion sizes and more!
Inflammatory Foods List: Learn what foods to avoid to remove inflammation and what foods to eat to enhance your results and improve your overall health.
Encouragement and Coaching Tips: Weekly Coaching and Advice to Help You Stay Motivated
Personal Development List: Mindset is incredibly important to seeing long term success. You'll get my words of encouragement as well as my list of top personal development resources to help you thrive in health and in life!
Support and Accountability: Access to our VIP Community Group
What my clients have to say about CORE RESTORE...
"The Core Restore program has helped me feel like me again. Before I found this program, I was struggling with random back pain, incontinence & felt that I had lost all core strength. As someone who was fit & enjoyed physical activity prior to my pregnancy this was hard to take. Core Restore fixed those issues & I feel I have the core strength I had before my pregnancy, if not more. Not only do I feel more energized & more emotionally stable after completing this program, I also lost 4 lbs & 3 inches. The workouts are easily managed & it’s a huge bonus that they can be broken up & done throughout the day as when you’re a new mom there’s no guarantee the little one will let you finish a workout. The nutrition component is helpful without feeling like you’re restricting yourself. All in all, I feel this is a program that can easily be incorporated into a new mom’s life without feeling you have to make other sacrifices." 

- Melanie
"I feel much stronger, healthier, and confident following the Core Restore program. I feel equipped to continue with the routine I have established and will continue on this new healthy lifestyle. I am only 1 lb away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothing, some are even too big now!" 

- Kristen
"I have always been a really active person who loved working out and running. I continued my workouts for about half my pregnancy and then I just fell off the wagon. I just knew I would immediately get back into the swing of things when I was released but boy was I wrong!! I started running as soon as I was released and it was tough. I didn’t realize that I had to repair my core first in order to get the most out of my workouts again. When I came across Jackie’s fitness program I was excited to learn how to properly heal my body after pregnancy. I was so surprised by the exercises and how quickly I could tell a difference in my core strength. I lost all my baby weight and I feel so much more confident knowing I am healing properly." 

- Morgan
Check out these results!
If you want to...
  •  Increase Your Energy
  •  Lose the Post Pregnancy Tummy
  •  Reduce Bloating and Inflammation
  •  Lose Inches in Your Waist
  •  Heal Diastasis Recti
  •  Reduce Back Pain
  •  Reduce Pelvic Pain
  •  Reduce Incontinence
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About Your Coach
Jackie Peterson is a wife, mom of 2 and certified fitness coach. She's been coaching post-partum women for the past 4 years and has helped hundreds of women see their true potential and make significant changes in their overall health post baby.
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